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Did you know that there are around Crore’s of Honda Activa riding along the streets of India

Now, for any scooter this is a very huge number

Due to its affordability and ease of driving, almost everyone loves this scooter and there is a high chance that you might have come across one of these moving on the road

It is also considered to be the national scooter of India (Yes, I am not kidding)

There are around 30 Lakhs Activa’s sold each year.

Now with every scooter, comes its maintenance and it is the same for Activa.

It also requires proper maintenance of it on regular intervals

All servicing involves oil changing and other relevant stuff.

But do you know which would be the best engine oil for activa?

Let’s find out

With a mileage of 60kmpl and with a fan cooled 4T, SI engine, it becomes quite obvious that there must be a specific oil which will suit best for it.

You can check other features here: Features

But which one?

It is 10W30

10W30 is a grading of engine oil that suits best with the specifications of Activa

You can put oils with other grading’s in the scooter, but it won’t give you the best result as expected from an oil with 10W30 grading.

Now, if you own an Activa and want to treat it with 10W30 oil then let us make it easy for you

There are numerous 10W30 oils available in the market’ but each oil has it’s own quality

4T Power Plus 10W30 by Mapco Lubricants is the perfect and the best engine oil for Activa

You will feel the difference on the spot when you put in this oil and start riding it.

It is a quality 4-stroke engine oil developed specifically to meet the requirements of air-cooled scooters and motorbikes which is suitable for Bajaj, Yamaha, Hero, Honda LML and other 4 stroke bikes as well

It enhances your engine and also reduces the friction to a very great extent also reducing the engine wear and clutch slippage

Rather than that the lasting of this oil is more as compared to other engine oils i.e the oil doesn’t turns black within a short period of time like other oils

You will only see a slight change in the colour of the engine oil even after riding it for months

You can check more specifications of the oil here: 4T Power Plus

Also, if you want to start your own engine oil business, you can contact us here:

We are engine oil manufacturers based in Mumbai (Maharashtra), providing engine oil distributorship with the best engine oil for bike and car

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