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Engine oil for bike

mapco lubricants bike engine oil

There are around millions of bikes roaming on the road.

Engine oil for bike

Each bike needs servicing depending on their interval period

During each servicing, there is a need to change engine oil for every bike, but most people are unaware of the different oil that their bike requires

In this article, we will be discussing about the different types of oil and which is the best suitable for your motor bike

Engine Oil Companies

There are numerous companies that manufacture engine oil

Some companies are masters in Bike Oil and others in Car Oil

Here are some brands that are specialized in making Bike Oil

  1. Castrol
  2. Motul
  3. Mapco Lubricants
  4. Mobil

Types of Bike Oil

When it comes to selecting engine oil for your bike there are various things that you need to take into consideration

  • Bike Model
  • Driving Conditions (mountainous roads, Climate)
  • Purpose of your bike (racing, daily drive)

Mineral Oil

This is the most common oil. The pricing is also low as compared to other oils.

Additives in the oil are very low. The performance period for this oil is not long.

This oil is ideal for bike owners who change their very frequently.

It is manufactured locally and used by small repair shops.

Premium Mineral Oil

This oil is comparatively better than mineral oil.

The pricing of this oil is higher as compared to mineral oil

This oil is nothing but mineral oil but in this case it is refined.

These oils are available in different quantities.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

This oil is a combination of synthetic oil and mineral oil

These oils have superior and longer performance

Its price is low as compared to fully-synthetic oil but its lasting is longer than other conventional oil.

Benefits of this oil is that you will see the result on the spot when you put it in your bike.

It ensures smooth running of the engine and also reduces wear and tear of it.

Here are some names that sell high quality semi-synthetic oil

  • Shell
  • Mobil

This type of oil is suitable for almost every type of bike

Depending on the grading, the oil also performs better at very low or very high temperature

No matter what bike you own, you can confidently go with this oil.

Synthetic Oil

As you read above that premium oil is made by refining conventional oil

In the case of synthetic oil, it is developed in laboratories.

It is artificially developed with chemical compounds.

On a technical level, the specialty of synthetic oil is that when you observe it under a microscope, you will see that all the molecules (millions) will be of the same shape and size.

On the other hand when you observe mineral oil under a microscope, the millions of molecules will be of different shape and size.

Fully synthetic oil is designed without using petroleum or any additives, whereas semi-synthetic oil is a combination of conventional and synthetic oil.

This oil is the most expensive as compared to other oils

This oil will be available online or near your local repair shop.

These are the types of oil available in market for bikes.

Now it’s up to you that what do you prefer based on your requirement

In case you want to know more about the products, you may click here: engine oil for bike

Hope this article was helpful, if you have any questions, please write it down in the comments section.

We being engine oil manufacturers will surely be able to solve your query

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