Mapco Lubricants

Two Wheeler

4T Power Advance is formulated from synthetic blend high quality base stocks and most advanced additives for the ultimate result in engine lubrication Highly recommended for 4 stroke Bikes and Scooters.

Four Wheeler

Synthelo Engine Ol 5W30 is a synthetic engine oil that provides enhanced fuel economy and longer engine life due to is higher viscosity retention. It further complies with the global standard viscosmetics for fuel conservation.

Grease & Industrial Oil

Mapco Industrial Gear Oils are premium quality industrial gear lubricants having excellent thermal and oxidation stability, good demulsbility, low foaming tendency provide rust & corrosion protection to metal surfaces.


Engine Oil Additive


Engine oil additive lubricates cylinders even if the engine is not running. This prevents friction on starting after it has not been used for a long time. Less blow-by means less deposits, less fuel dilution and more power. Can be mixed with all engine oils and synthetic lubricators.

Quenching Oil


Quench oils have two primary functions. First, they harden the component by controlling heat transfer during quenching. Second, they enhance the wetting of the component in order to minimize undesirable conditions that may cause distortions and even cracking.

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